I am a 457 or TSS482 Visa Holder... am I eligible to apply for AGPT?

457 and TSS 482 Visa Holder Eligibility

If you are a 457 or TSS 482 visa holder, you may be able to apply to the AGPT 2021 program if you meet or are able to meet the following requirements:

  • Your primary medical qualification was obtained in Australia or New Zealand;
  • You hold, or expect to hold, general medical registration by the commencement of the 2021 training year 
  • You are able to supply a copy of your current/active Australian permanent residency application OR a completed Statutory Declaration (see AGPT Eligibility Guidelines); and
    • You can provide a letter of support as part of your AGPT application from each of the Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) within your preferred training regions confirming support for your training within the restrictions of your visa.


GPEx is able to support applicants holding 457 or TSS 482 visas to the AGPT program due to the willingness of our training posts to participate in sponsorship or employment of these visa holders. As these training posts are located in rural and remote areas of South Australia, GPEx’s offer to support you to apply for the AGPT program requires you to make a commitment to train in these areas.


GPEx also expects that you will obtain Australian permanent residency, or Australian or New Zealand citizenship, by the end of your first 12 months of community general practice training in the GPEx program.

The following information is required by GPEx to determine your suitability to receive a letter of support to apply to AGPT program in the South Australia:

  • Covering letter or email stating why you want to train and work as a GP in South Australia;
  • Current CV;
  • A copy of your primary medical qualification within Australia or New Zealand;
  • A copy of your current/active permanent residency application OR a completed Statutory Declaration;
  • A copy of documentation, which confirms when you have received OR expect to have general medical registration.


Please note, GPEx’s letter of support is not a guarantee of a training offer. You will still be required to go through the competitive selection process of your chosen general practice college/s.

GPEx will not pay for, manage or have any involvement in your ongoing visa requirements, or the process you must follow to achieve permanent residency or citizenship.

If you have questions about the process or the documents required, email selection@gpex.com.au.

For more information on AGPT eligibility, please review the AGPT 2020 Eligibility Guidelines and the Temporary Visa Holders Information Sheet on the AGPT website.

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