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GPEx Research and Innovation focuses on capturing evidence and using it to continuously improve and innovate, building the future of General Practice. We listen to our stakeholders and use a blend of evidence, creativity and passion.

We undertake evaluation and research projects to gain key insights into the needs of our stakeholders and the performance of our programs to ensure that GPEx continues to provide education and training to the highest level.

GPEx regularly evaluate a range of contributing factors to quality training including:

  • The quality of GPEx education and support provided.
  • Registrar competence and wellbeing.
  • Training post and supervisor quality and wellbeing.
  • Regional outcomes to ensure GPEx graduates are equipped with the skills and confidence to work in the areas they are needed.

These reviews allow us to identify and implement innovative training improvements.

We work collaboratively with organisations including GP specialty colleges, universities and other health-related organisations to ensure we can together achieve high-quality outcomes with practical, real-world applications. Recent collaborations have resulted in the design of an innovative workplace-based assessment framework and research to better understand GP motivating factors and registrar needs.

GPEx Research and Innovation also supports GP registrars to develop research and critical thinking skills during training, including those seeking to complete an academic post during their training.

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