GPEx and GPSA launch new research project about the financial costs and revenue of teaching and supervision in general practice

GPEx, in partnership with GP Supervisors Australia (GPSA) and the University of Adelaide, is pleased to launch their latest research project to better understand the financial implications of teaching and supervision in the AGPT program across Australia. The financial costs and revenue of teaching and supervision in general practice research project has been funded through an RACGP Education […]

Wellbeing Policy and Support for Registrars

GPEx encourages all registrars to have their own GPs who can provide continuity of care, and access to support networks, in times of need. We support registrars experiencing personal and/or professional difficulties by working with them to construct a support plan, which may include professional counselling or psychological services. If circumstances have impacted your training, […]

Strategies for caring for yourself during times of trauma and stress

During this time of trauma and loss, our thoughts are with the communities who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their lives during the bushfires. We join the community in thanking the brave firefighters who have put their own lives on the line to protect our communities. We hope all communities are safe once […]

Meet Dr Laura Sharley

Dr Laura Sharley knew she wanted to be a GP because she liked building relationships with patients, and following them through everyday hurdles and challenges.   Laura is currently undertaking an Aboriginal Health post based at Nunkuwarrin Yunti in Adelaide. As part of this role, Laura does roving registrar work, where she flies out to different community clinics around South Australia.   “The roving registrar job has […]

Research and Development | Update

Australia’s NCSP has proven to be a successful program in reducing illness and deaths from cervical cancer.

Research and Development | Update

GPEx is the proud recipient of two RACGP Education Research Grants for 2021. The first research study, undertaken in partnership with The University of Adelaide and GPSA, explores the financial costs and revenue associated with teaching and supervision in general practice. Findings from this study can help inform discussions and decision-making regarding the planning of future registrar employment models, […]

International Women’s Day

GPEx is proud to have a number of female GP Registrars in its training program, and today celebrates the role these female GPs and Registrars have in their local communities, especially in regional and rural South Australia. GPEx also has a number of female Medical Educators, who educate and support the next generation of GPs. […]

Meet Dr Martin Altmann

The Altmann family name is synonymous with healthcare in Murray Bridge. Dr Martin Altmann and Dr Fiona Altmann, and before them Martin’s father the late Dr Frank Altmann, have provided GP services to the region over 60 years. Martin took inspiration from his father in choosing his career as a rural generalist. “As a young doctor […]

A change in career, taking general practice to the next level

Dr Donna Weckert wasn’t always a doctor, but once she decided to study medicine, it was all in or not at all. When I started my medical studies,  General Practice was always a strong contender due the scope of practice it provided and so I figured that if I was going to do this, then […]

A Rural Generalist, for love of community

One of the best things about being a Rural Generalist for Dr Sophie Rymill is the continued relationship one can develop with their patients.  Sophie shares how special it is to be able to provide regular care to someone, admit them to the hospital for their acute issue, and provide a surgical service locally, and […]

Meet Dr Wissam Ghamrawi

Coming from a family of surgeons, Dr Wissam Ghamrawi assumed he would follow the same path, but there was always something missing. In general practice, Wissam found the daily diversity, the simplicity and the complexity, and above all the community that finally combined all his passions both inside and outside medicine. After four years in […]

Meet Dr Cicy Li

For Dr Cicy Li, being able to practice preventative medicine is the most rewarding part of her day as a training GP registrar. General Practice can take on many forms, preventive medicine referring to how primary care doctors can help to stop disease before it even starts in their patients. It is both a positive […]

Professional, financial and social rewards of Rural medicine | Dr Lachlan Mackinnon

It’s amazing how many new GPs I speak with who hadn’t considered rural general practice until trying a medical placement during their university days or intern year. It makes me think how many more GPs we might have in South Australia if all medical students were given the option to “try before they buy”. I […]

10 tips and tricks for success in the RACGP AKT and KFP exams

The thought of the gruelling Royal Australian College of General Practitioner (RACGP) written Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problems (KFP) examinations is enough to strike fear into the most prepared and sound general practitioner (GP) trainee. Why do we let this set of questions, this arbitrary marker of achievement, weigh over our lives for so […]

Not everyone’s work-life balance looks the same and that’s ok!

When you hear the words ‘work-life balance’ you probably imagine finishing work at lunchtime, spending quality time with friends and family, squeezing in a productive gym session all before dinner with the family at 7pm. Whilst this may be possible for some, it isn’t always achievable. The meaning of work-life balance is different for everyone. […]

How healthy are the men in our lives? Time to Act

Merriam-Webster definition of Male: An individual of the sex that is typically capable of producing small, usually motile gametes (such as sperm or spermatozoa) which fertilise the eggs of a female. We all know that the males in our lives are more than that; they are our fathers, sons, husbands, partners, brothers and mates. They […]

Tips to assist change in General Practice

“THE ONLY CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE “ Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. As the season changes to the chill of winter, it brings with it other changes; a new semester with new topics to study, new professors to get used to, and for many a change in placement positions and so new faces including Practices […]

Welcoming new team members – managing change in practice

Every 6 months or so, our training partners go through change with new GP registrars coming into the team and others departing. We spoke with a couple of our Practice Managers about how they support their teams during this time, Kate and Michelle share their thoughts with us; Kate Foster, Practice Manager, Kingcraig Medical Clinic, Naracoorte […]

Developing an evidence-based, practical and contextualised Workplace Based Assessment Framework

In late 2018, GPEx was awarded a special Education Research Grant by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to design a Workplace-based Assessment (WBA) Framework for use within Australian General Practice Training (AGPT). This Framework was completed in collaboration with, Flinders University, EVGPT, GP Synergy, GPTQ, GPTT, MCCC, NTGPE, RVTS and WAGPET. To inform Framework development the following project streams were completed: A […]

Meet Alex – GP Registrar and Academic Post participant

GPEx is committed to Closing the Gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians. As such GPEx, led by our Aboriginal Health team, and guided by the goals articulated in our GPEx Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Aboriginal Health Strategic Plan have embarked on a research journey to better understand how we may […]