Published by GPEx on October 24, 2019

CEO Update - you need one too

Here at GPEx, we take our role in the education, training and placing of future GPs very seriously. Our values of integrity and collaboration are everyday language as we strive daily to uphold these in all that we do.

It is with the upmost respect that we continue to seek innovative ways to improve the training and support for our GP registrars and supervisors, and the communities that we serve.

With this in mind, we share the following update from the Department of Health (DoH), ACRRM and RACGP, who continue to work together to transition GP training to the Colleges by the end of 2021 as per the commitment made by Minister Hunt in October 2017.

The most recent announcement has confirmed for us the withdrawal of the proposed novation period, and that current contracts between RTOs and the DoH will continue until the end of 2021.

The government has advised that it continues its commitment to a regionalised approach to GP training and has given assurances that future arrangements will meet community needs, with arrangements for College-led training to be in place by the end of 2020 for commencement in 2022.

Both the DoH and the Colleges have also acknowledged the role that RTOs will play in maintaining current training arrangements and minimising the impact of any changes to registrars and supervisors during the transition period.

With the recent announcement of the resignation of the CEO of the RACGP, Dr Zena Burgess, the President of the College, Dr Nespolon, confidently suggests that stakeholders, including Regional Training Organisations, service providers and other representative medical organisations, can expect minimal changes to operations.

Given these announcements, my team and I are confident that our support of the South Australian training community will be unaffected during this transition period. We will work hard to maintain our close relationships with our registrars, supervisors and practice managers in urban, rural and remote locations, until the of 2021, whilst working diligently with ACRRM and RACGP to establish arrangements post 2021.

GPTEC 2019

GPTEC 2019 was held in Melbourne and co-hosted by RTOs MCCC and EV GP Training with support from both Colleges, who kept the delegates buzzing with endless supplies of hot coffee. This year’s theme, Reflect and Redefine, saw a range of insightful discussions and important updates from the Department of Health and Colleges, all suggesting positive associations with the RTOs into the future.

Dr Jordan Nguyen was an inspirational opening keynote speaker GPTEC 2019, and he challenged the audience to embrace the opportunities we have in technology to improve our future! Jordan is one of Australia’s most innovative biomedical engineers, and a technology futurist. He focuses on the intersection between technology and humanity and commits his work to improving the lives of as many people as possible. He reminded the audience that we are experiencing a more rapid rate of change in our world today than ever before…. but also that today is the slower rate of change we will ever experience in future. To prosper going forward we need to embrace technology, creativity and change. GPEx staff are inspired to explore how we can continue using technology to enhance GP training – and will incorporate these thoughts into our future thinking.

Click here to view some of Dr Jordan’s incredible work.

National SLO Network meeting, hosted by GP Supervisors Association (GPSA)

Attended by Frank Maldari and Bill Geyer, an update as follows:

Creation of a curriculum for GP Supervisors; why is it needed and what form should it take?
More Doctors for Rural Areas Program (MDRAP); introduced to replace the Special Access Placement Program and the Rural Locum Relief Program. Associate Professor Sue Wearne, advisor for Department of Health, shared that the ultimate aim is to encourage doctors who enter the program to get a Fellowship. This is the reason for limiting them to 80% of the Medicare rebate: to provide an incentive to progress to fellowship.

Documentation of giving advice to patients on management; Dr Genevieve Yates, a GP, AHPRA advisor and MDA National advisor, gave a very enlightening talk and recommended that, when registrars commence work in community and are advised by Supervisors, we go back to the patient notes and check that this is being done. It pays us to keep a record of the conversation that is time and date stamped, such as sending an email to ourselves.
For a more detailed update on any of the above, feel free to contact Frank or Bill.

National Registrar Survey – we encourage you to have your say…

The annual National Registrar Survey is currently underway, and you have until October 27th to participate and make your voice heard.

The basic principle of this quality assurance project is to examine how your RTO can improve your training and education experience. The survey asks you to reflect on your experiences and satisfaction with training, training facilities and College, and your future plans.

Your feedback from the survey will be used by the Department of Health, your College and your RTO to review and improve the administration, education and training, and support in the AGPT program.

If you have been personally invited via email to participate, we encourage you to do so; now is the time to have your say.

GPEx encourages all registrars and supervisors to have their own GP

Data from the 2018 AGPT registrar survey tells us that only 60% of GPEx registrars reported having their own GP. This is lower than the national average. The RACGP in its Self-Care and Mental Health Resources for General Practitioners Guide strongly recommends that all GPs should have a regular GP to provide “ongoing independent and objective professional medical advice and work with you to manage your physical, mental and emotional health.” If you don’t have your own GP, maybe now is the time to change that?

If access to another GP is difficult, you can search for a telehealth-capable GP via the National Health Services Directory. Doctor’s Health SA also offers both face to face and telemedicine consults for GPs.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any direct questions for me.

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