Rural GPs need to manage a wide range of emergency situations with a high degree of autonomy, due to the relative isolation in which they practise. The demand for emergency medicine skills are also significantly higher in rural areas, with rural GPs experiencing a higher incidence of farming, mining, industrial and motor vehicle accidents.

Emergency Medicine can be undertaken through Advanced Specialised Training or Advanced Rural Skills Training, and gives you the skills to competently provide emergency medical care, ranging from the pre-hospital environment to emergency department assessment and stabilisation.

In an Emergency Medicine placement, you will learn how to:

  • perform emergency diagnostic and therapeutic procedures;
  • recognise severe, acute and life-threatening conditions and provide initial resuscitation and stabilisation; and
  • activate or support emergency patient retrieval, transport or evacuation when needed.

“Emergency medicine opened my eyes to the urgent and serious medical issues that rural GPs should be prepared to deal with on the front line. I knew that emergency skills were going to benefit the community and allow me to be better prepared when working in rural and remote areas.”

– Dr Kyle Fairclough, GP Registrar currently based at Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic, on the pathway to a Fellowship with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM)

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