As the growth in older populations continues to rise, the end-of-life care needs of communities is increasing. Rural GPs in particular play an important role in the delivery of palliative care across primary and tertiary settings, and coordinate the broad range of service responses required to meet diverse patient needs in rural areas.

Stage of illness and patient preferences add to the complexity of palliative care, especially in a rural setting where there is limited access to specialist-based palliative care services.

Palliative Care can be undertaken through an Extended Skill, Advanced Specialised Training or Advanced Rural Skills Training.

In a Palliative Care placement, you will learn:

  • the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality in-patient and community-based palliative care services;
  • how to manage complex palliative care issues as part of a multidisciplinary team; and
  • how to discuss end-of-life issues and advanced care directives with patients and their families.

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