There are many reasons to choose General Practice as your medical speciality.

As a GP you can take your career anywhere, from the city to the country to the furthest reaches of remote Australia and beyond.


An introduction to General Practice

It’s a profession that offers both challenges and rewards, plus diversity, flexibility and community support at all stages of your career. A key attraction is the opportunity to provide continuity of care, allowing you to build life-long patient relationships like no other speciality.

You’ll have the opportunity to apply your investigatory skills and take a holistic approach to patient health.

No two days will be the same. You’ll treat a range of patient presentations, from acute, complex and chronic conditions through to the prevention of illness, early intervention and promotion of wellbeing and health.

You can work as a sole practitioner, a partner in a practice or sub-specialise in a range of medical disciplines such as paediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics, surgery, medical education and research, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, to name a few.

Fellowships allow GPs to:

  • Work unsupervised in general practice anywhere in Australia.
  • Be recognised as a Fellow via reciprocal arrangements with New Zealand (ACRRM and RACGP), Canada (ACRRM and RACGP) and Ireland (RACGP only).
  • Claim A1 Medicare rebates.

“Since the bushfire crisis started a few weeks ago, my experiences working as a GP registrar have confirmed to me, yet again, that General Practice training is the perfect fit for me. I have seen patients whose houses have burnt down, those affected by smoke, and those who have been significantly distressed by the unfolding events. Being able to help and comfort these people, in their community, at their time of need, has been incredibly rewarding for me. It has reinforced the deeply meaningful role that GPs have in their community. Completing the first year of the GPEx training program in 2019 was an enjoyable challenge.”

Dr Kate Wheldrake, GP Registrar, January 2020

If you’re seeking a rewarding and intellectually challenging medical career, general practice may be the specialty for you.

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Am I eligible to apply for the AGPT Program?

To be eligible you must:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident or on an accepted temporary visa with an active Australian permanent residency application.
  • Have recognised medical qualifications.
  • Hold, or expect to hold, general medical registration prior to the commencement of the training year.
  • If applicable, withdraw from any other specialist vocational training program (Overseas trained doctors), have fulfilled the requirements of the Australian Medical Council (AMC) or the Competent Authority Pathway if you obtained your medical degree outside of Australia.
  • Please refer to the AGPT Eligibility Flowchart for the most up to date eligibility guidelines with your preferred college.

How do I apply for the AGPT Program?

  • Apply to your preferred College through their website.
  • Please refer to either the ACRRM or RACGP websites for more information about the application requirements.
  • If you wish to undertake a dual Fellowship you will need to apply through each website and indicate that you would like to commence training in the same year on the same pathway with the same Regional Training Organisation (RTO).
  • Visit the “How to Apply” page for more information.

When can I apply to the AGPT program?

  • The application dates will be advertised on the AGPT website. You are not able to apply to the AGPT program outside of these dates, so it is important that you regularly check this website for more information.

I am a 457, 491, 494 or TSS 482 visa holder, can I still apply for AGPT training with GPEx?

Yes,  GPEx supports 457, 491, 494 or TSS 482 visa holders. Once you have started your AGPT application through your chosen College,  please contact our GPEx Selection Team ( and provide the following:

  • AGPT application ID number
  • Covering letter or email stating why you want to train and work as a GP in rural South Australia
  • Current CV
  • A copy of your primary medical qualification within Australia or New Zealand

Upon receipt of the above information, GPEx will provide you with a letter of support to include with your AGPT application.