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What is career-based mentoring?

Career-based mentoring is a process which focuses on supporting you to achieve your professional goals.

The GPEx career-based mentoring program gives you an opportunity to connect with a GP career-based mentor to have a chat about the reality of urban and/or rural General Practice and help you determine whether GP might be the specialty career for you.

Our GP mentors have a range of expertise in the diverse specialty of General Practice, and can share their experiences and discuss a possible pathway to applying to General Practice if you choose.

The program enables you to meet with a GP mentor and discuss your queries over two sessions. Mentors can connect you with further information and provide resources to find out more about opportunities in the General Practice specialty.

**this is a pilot program – please register your interest asap so you don’t miss this opportunity.  Program Close 30 June 2022


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What is the process for career-based mentoring?

The GPEx career-based mentoring program would involve:

  • Registration of interest in mentoring;
  • Matching mentor and mentee;
  • 2 x mentoring sessions (up to 1 hour each)
    • Sharing of  relevant resources

Our GP Mentors 

  • Have the ability to establish rapport and trust;
  • Will be able to encourage the mentees to share their needs from the career-based mentoring process and assist the mentee’s agenda;
  • Posses excellent communication skills and be able to define and communicate an understanding of the purpose of the mentoring share desired outcomes;
  • The ability to respectfully adhere to professional boundaries;
  • The ability to challenge mentees’ thinking in an encouraging manner;
  • Hold a willingness to share their own experiences and  career journey;
  • Share available resources and supports for the mentees; and
  • Have further support and be able to seek help as a mentor if required.