GPEx provides training pathways for registrars interested in Rural Generalist (RG) Training.

All registrars training towards the FACRRM are automatically training on the RG pathway and registrars training towards the FRACGP can opt-in  to the RG component  and train toward FRACGP-RG, developing advanced skills to meet the needs of rural and remote communities.

GPEx has a dedicated RG team, who are passionate about rural medicine and will work with you on your training journey. You will receive career planning and advice, on-the-job training in accredited training posts with opportunities to utilise and enhance your skills, mentoring by supervisors who have lived and worked in rural and remote settings across South Australia, as well as opportunities to develop advanced skills in a variety of disciplines.

The Rural Generalist Pathway

ACRRM and RACGP Pathway

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Why is it important to receive recognition of Rural Generalist Medicine?

Rural Generalist Medicine is recognised as a protected title and specialised field within the specialty of general practice. The intention is to support the development and enhance the appeal of a specific training pathway for this career; thereby developing a workforce that can provide extended services for the healthcare needs of rural and remote communities.

Rural Generalist Medicine is a well-established model of care, practised by many general practitioners in rural and remote areas across Australia.

These doctors are broadly skilled to enable them to deliver services such as obstetrics, mental health, palliative care, and emergency care.