Practising as a GP in rural or remote communities can be particularly rewarding. As a rural registrar, you will have greater scope to develop additional skills across a range of medical disciplines. It’s an opportunity to play a crucial leadership role in the health and wellbeing of your community.

You’ll interact with generations of families, build relationships that can last a lifetime and make a difference in your community for many years to come.

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Financial Incentives

Training on either the Rural or General pathway allows you to access financial incentives when undertaking placements in rural and remote locations in South Australia.

GPEx incentive packages are available for registrars placed in eligible locations with a purpose  to encourage registrars to train in more rural and remote locations .  Packages include relocation expenses, rental reimbursement and lump sum incentives.

Contact the AGPT Team for more information about the incentives available at GPEx.

Other financial incentives are also available from the Commonwealth Government, GP colleges and rural workforce agencies.

GPEx Financial Incentives

“Practising medicine in remote locations brings me to the doorstep of a large diversity of clinical presentations plus communities of wonderful people . Being both a GP Registrar and a qualified astronomer (engaged in public outreach astronomy) having the opportunity to be located in remote Australian locations enables me to fulfil both my passion for remote medicine and astronomy, under pristine South Australian skies.”

Dr Muhammad Akbar Hussain – ACRRM registrar


Is GPEx involved in the Selection Process?

  • GPEx facilitates the face-to-face interview stage of the selection process. All other stages of the selection process are managed by the RACGP or ACRRM.

Will GPEx find me a placement?

  • If you are a registrar who has completed hospital training we will work with you to find a placement that meets your training needs and college requirements. For more information visit our  GPEx Registrar Placement Policy
  • If you are a registrar who still needs to complete your hospital training, you will need to apply for hospital positions via SA MET (or via your state-based hospital recruitment process).
  • If you are a registrar who is eligible to apply for Advanced Specialised Training (AST)/ Advanced Rural Skills Training (ARST) please contact your Program Training Advisor (PTA) to discuss the application process.

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