As an attendee at Dr Amelia Woods’ research webinar, it was great to hear from a recent Academic registrar, now PhD candidate and GPEx Researcher, and learn more about her research study.

Amelia gave a great background to her journey of undertaking an Academic Post, and how the post inspired her to become a Researcher with the GPEx Research and Innovation team, and even start a PhD. Amelia’s discussion about her research experience is useful for others who are interested in what pathways and opportunities are available, and whether research may be a part of your future General Practice career. You can access the discussion regarding General Practice Research pathways here.

Amelia also shared the outcomes of her Academic Post, which focussed on Trends in Long term Prescription of Benzodiazepine and Z-drug (BZD) use 2011-2018. She was able to work with Prof Nigel Stocks and the team in Dept of GP at the University of Adelaide to interrogate a data set from the national prescribing service, and investigate trends. The aims of the project were to explore:

·  Changes in the prevalence of long-term prescription of BZDs between 2011 and 2018; and
·  Associated practice and patient characteristics in Australian general practice settings.

Her sample size was 1,414,593, which was an incredible opportunity for an academic registrar to be able to access and interrogate such a large amount of data!

It was really interesting to hear the findings from the project, which showed that there had been a slight increase in long-term BZD prescribing between 2011 and 2018. This makes me critically reflect on my prescribing habits, and what impact COVID and the increase in telehealth may have had on this trend. You can access the discussion regarding Amelia’s research findings and implications for practice here.

Overall I found the webinar easy to listen to, easy to ask questions, and would be keen to attend to hear from others involved in research!

Stay tuned to find out more about the next webinar in this series……