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27 June 2018

GP Excel Webinar: Assessing Fitness to Drive.

Driving is a complex instrumental activity of daily living. It requires adequate sensory, motor and cognitive skills in order to ensure safe and timely execution of the skills required for driving.

Assessing fitness to drive is often challenging for practical, legal and moral reasons. Public safety needs to be put above individual freedoms and this can sometimes adversely affect the doctor-patient relationship. It needs to be considered not just when people present to request driving assessments, but whenever we are treating those with conditions which may impact someone’s ability to drive.

While there are clear national guidelines for some conditions, assessment of those with mild cognitive impairment, the “frail aged” and those with substance abuse problems can be particularly difficult. This webinar will address the challenges GPs face in assessing driving fitness, as well as illustrate the impact that an impaired driver can have if poorly assessed.


GP Excel Webinar: Assessing Fitness to Drive
Presenter: Dr Genevieve Yates
27 June 2018
6.30pm – 7.30pm

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About the presenter

Dr Genevieve Yates is a medical educator, a GP and a writer. She worked in GP training for over a decade and was an Associate Director of Training for North Coast GP Training until December 2015. In 2014 she was awarded GPET’s Medical Educator of the Year. Currently she is the RACGP Queensland Censor, RACGP Expert Committee member (Pre-Fellowship Education) and senior examiner, a performance assessor for AHPRA and a member of MDA National’s Education Services Advisory Group (ESAG). She also works as an educator/ facilitator for MDA National and the Black Dog Institute. She is passionate about putting creativity into medicine, and medicine into creativity.

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