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“Don’t Despair – Diabetes Diagnosis and Drugs?”

Presenter: Dr Penelope Coates

When: Wednesday 22nd August 2018
Where: Port Lincoln (Port Lincoln Hotel, conference room)
Time: 6.30-9.00pm (Dinner provided)

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Interpret laboratory tests used in screening for, diagnosing & monitoring diabetes, and understand test limitations.
  2. List the classes and known mechanisms of action of medications used in managing diabetes.
  3. Develop a safe plan for intensifying treatment for a patient with type 2 diabetes who is not meeting targets.
  4. Outline the differences between diabetes sub-types, including possible clues to monogenic diabetes.

For more information, please contact Lesley Webber, Manager of Continuing and Professional Development, on (08) 8490 0400.

This event is for GPs, Registrars, Nurses and other Health Care Providers.
Allocated 4 Category 2 points in the RACGP and ACRRM QI&CPD Program for the 2017-19 triennium.

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