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14 July 2016

Webinar: Life beyond GP Fellowship: What do you want to know?

Are you a senior registrar moving toward independent General Practice soon? Do you have questions about your future post Fellowship?

If answered yes, please join GPEx online for a Q&A style webinar on Life Beyond GP Fellowship – What Do You Want To Know? at 6:30pm to  7:30pm, Thursday, 14 July 2016.

This webinar will be tailored to the questions that you submit to us that will create the agenda, announced on the evening of the webinar.

Facilitated by GPEx Senior Medical Educator, Dr Simon Hay, your questions will be answered by a panel of experienced GPs and Medical Educators, helping you make the transition to independent general practice.

You may have questions on employment matters, professional development or legal issues. Whatever the query, submit your questions by Friday, 8 July 2016.

Once enrolled, an email will be sent to you including the relevant details on how you can access the webinar.



GPEx Webinar Series: Life beyond GP Fellowship: What do you want to know?
6:30-7:30pm, Thursday, 14 July 2016


About the Presenter/ Facilitator

Simon is a Senior Medical Educator at GPEx and part of his role is Senior Year Registrar Education. Simon is a practising GP and GP Supervisor at University Health, The University of Adelaide.


These webinars are optional education sessions and are designed to provide additional education on some of the more difficult topics in General Practice. They are specifically designed for senior year registrars – those that have completed 12 months in community training.

Whilst the webinars are not face to face education sessions, the webinar technology allows for interactivity and engagement of facilitators with the participants.

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