Published by Karen Stanton-Brown on June 29, 2020


Angela Burden, Director of Education Operations

College Exam and Assessment update

As previously communicated, the RACGP has decided to replace the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) as its final exam toward fellowship. The decision to change the format of the final exam was made to ensure the health and safety of registrars, examiners and RACGP staff, and so that the exam can go ahead without any further delays.

Recently, the RACGP announced that the transitional assessment replacing the OSCE 2020.1 will be called the Remote Clinical Exam (RCE). The new clinical exam that will permanently replace the OSCE from 2021 will be called the Clinical Competency Exam (CCE).

The RCE will consist of 12 short cases, delivered in sets of four cases over three short sessions of approximately 60-90 minutes on different days. The RCE will be delivered via videoconference, with registrars connecting with examiners over a secure link.

For any registrars whose performance is deemed borderline at the completion of the 12 cases, they will be given the option to demonstrate their competence in a fourth and final set of four cases on a separate day.

The RACGP has advised that the RCE will be held in November, with final dates yet to be confirmed. Enrolments will open once the RACGP are able to confirm these dates. Any registrar who holds a pass in the AKT and KFP from 2020.1 or a prior examination cycle are eligible to enrol for the exam. If you have previously enrolled for the OSCE 2020.1, your enrolment will be transferred to the RCE.

For more information on the development of the RCE can be accessed here  or you can listen to college’s webinar  about the changes to OSCE / RCE, using the password 4H+41E3#. 

The RACGP also announced that an additional allowance of an extra exam cycle and time within the Fellowship Exam Attempts Policy for registrars eligible to sit the RCE in 2020 or the Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) in 2021. If you are eligible, you will be allowed to enrol in up to seven exam cycles across 3.5 years, provided it is within the relevant training time limit of the general practice training program.

We are reviewing the format of both our written exam workshop and our former mock OSCE workshop now that information is available about the RCE. We will be able to confirm with you shortly the dates for these preparation workshops. If you have enrolled or are eligible to sit the RACGP KPF and AKT exams, GPEx will contact you directly regarding this support.

The ACRRM has advised changes in how their assessments are delivered in response to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. For the remainder of 2020, the College is implementing video conferencing for all assessments.
This decision has been made to ensure that Fellowship training will continue without interruption and to mitigate any potential unforeseen circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

GPEx will continue to provide mock StAMPS preparation workshops prior to the StAMPS assessment.