Published by GPEx on July 13, 2020


A holistic approach to healthcare was what drew Dr Natasha Nottingham initially into a career as a GP. What she has found is the personal connection to her community that will keep her engaged with medicine for her lifetime.

General Practice is often referred to as “cough and colds”, however for Natasha this could not be further from the truth. Within her first few months of community placement, she saw a myriad of patient presentations including symptoms of myocardial infarction, new psychosis, thunder clap headache, appendicitis, cholecystitis, chronic regional pain syndrome, pregnancy and first presentation Crohn’s disease.

Managing a wide breadth of presentations each day is what General Practice is all about, a challenging and highly rewarding career.

General Practice provides a scope like no other specialty. You have the ability to really understand the whole patient, to see them at their best and their worst, to visit them in their homes and appreciate how their individual physical, mental, and social health intertwine.

Natasha is currently training towards a Fellowship of Royal College of General Practitioners. She commenced general practice with an interest in women’s and children’s health and continues to increase her skills in this area, seeing many children each day of varying ages, as well as practicing obstetric shared care.

Obstetric Shared Care allows women to be cared for throughout their pregnancy journey by their accredited GP in collaboration with the birthing hospital. It provides continuity of care throughout the antenatal and post-natal periods and is a holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare.

“I love looking after pregnant women and following them on their antenatal journey and into the post-natal period as well.”

Whist working at a practice in a coastal town – Natasha has been exposed to and consequently developed a keen interest in skin cancer medicine. Through the training program and with her highly skilled and supportive supervisor, she has received excellent mentorship in skin excisions that will continue to assist and support the local communities for years to come.

“I recognise the importance of this work and the positive effect early skin cancer excision is having on the local community.”

On her own experiences with General Practice… My own GP is amazing, and someone I can really model myself on. She is not only caring in her approach but a good listener. Her breadth of knowledge and skills is broad and she commonly refers to guidelines and literature to inform her clinical decisions. She also appears to balance her general practice career and family life with ease and has a strong passion for knowledge and continuing education.

Natasha aspires to working in a busy inner or outer-metropolitan general practice in the next five to ten years and like her own GP, she plans to juggle motherhood and part-time work and feels that a good work-life balance is attainable in general practice.

Dr Natasha Nottingham, currently holds one of the Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) roles at GPEx.

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