Published by Karen Stanton-Brown on August 27, 2020

ACCRM Assessment  & RACGP Exam Update

2020 has been a challenging year for GPEx Registrars planning to sit examinations for either FACRRM or FRACGP.

ACRRM has pivoted to a completely remote model of examination by moving their StAMPS exam to only videoconferencing – and so has been able to conduct examinations, as planned, throughout the pandemic. The next MCQ exam is on 4th September with the next StAMPS exam being on 10th and 11th September.
GPEx recently conducted ACRRM examination preparation session including a webinar for registrars on ACRRM exams conducted by recent fellow Dr Lachlan MacKinnon, a webinar for supervisors regarding the StAMPS exam conducted by recent fellow Dr Scott Marschall and a Mock StAMPS examination.

RACGP has made significant changes to the exam process. The semester 1 OSCE exam was initially postponed and is now replaced with the Remote Clinical Examination (RCE) – a clinical exam conducted via Zoom over multiple days.
GPEx are conducting preparation sessions for registrars in September. In addition, Dr Penny Need conducted a webinar for supervisors regarding the new exam – which is now available on GPEx One. The next sitting of the AKT and KFP examinations will be conducted in a physically distanced way by not having examination centres – instead candidates will sit the examinations remotely.

The upcoming RACGP exam dates are;

  • KFP (Key Feature Problem). 9th October
  • AKT (Applied Knowledge Test).  10th October
  • RCE (Remote Clinical Exam).  23rd, 25th, 27th October and 5th November

As noted above, there have been a number of preparation sessions for all of the examinations for both colleges – these are all recorded and available on GPEx One.