Published by GPEx on September 3, 2018

Business Coaching

The 12-week virtual coaching program Practice Review Project for PM’s (PRPPM) was launched in March 2018. GPEx funded six Practice Managers across urban and rural South Australia to participate in a comprehensive business review process and focus on planning for practice improvement and change.

Through the use of video conference technology, the program has enabled participants from varying geographical locations to:

  • Receive personal and business coaching support;
  • Participate in group expert webinars and;
  • Establish plans that are fundamental to long term practice success.

Delivered by experienced Business Coach and Consultant, Ms Jody Bund the pilot program has received an overwhelmingly positive response with key personal benefits reported by participants including improved confidence as a practice leader and, gaining a greater understanding of HR, staff engagement and practice planning processes. In addition to the personal benefits gained, each participant has come away with a tailored strategic plan, an annual work-plan and a 90-day action plan aimed at supporting the future direction, and activities, of the Practice.

Here’s what some PRPPM participants had to say……..

‘Having the guidance, encouragement and support through topics has increased my confidence in communication and I have gained valuable skills in planning and follow-up’

‘The one on one sessions have certainly helped me find some balance and clarity again after a very busy 6 months’

If you are interested in the PRPPM or want to discover how you can plan for change in your practice, get in touch our team to see if any upcoming workshops.