Published by Karen Stanton-Brown on February 28, 2020


GP Explore is an app integrated online tool which enables registrars to easily capture and access data to facilitate reflection and learning. Since 2018 registrars have been using the tool to collect de-identified patient data and reflect on the breadth and depth of their experiential learning.

Based on feedback, and research evidence, we have been working behind the scenes to improve the tool. GPEx is excited to announce that there are a number of improvements  being launched in March before the next mandatory data collection period.

  • Flexible timing: Registrars now have the ability to choose the timing of their data collection within the extended mandatory data collection period.
  • Simplified data entry: Finding the right diagnosis code to enter will be simpler thanks to some additional behind the scenes mapping
  • Improved reflection: The GP Explore reflective activity has been removed from the mid-term assessment and can now be accessed only after the data entry in GP Explore has concluded. This will ensure that the reflection is more timely and relevant.
  • Supervisor access: Supervisors will also be able to access GP Explore to capture and reflect on their own data.

We have also updated and improved the app with access to other tools:

  • Procedures log: GP registrars will be provided with a list of procedures that can be performed in Australian general practice. The App will allow them to log the procedures they have already performed and identify those which they are yet to experience. This tool will be a useful point of conversation between registrars and supervisors to plan learning. It will help empower GP registrars to up-skill in more aspects of comprehensive Australian general practice.
  • Training information: Registrars will be able to access their training timeline and training activities information directly through the App – this will provide real time access to relevant information about training requirements and training completed.

The new App will be available in March with more details about download and installation to follow in the coming weeks via GPEx One.