Published by Karen Stanton-Brown on August 27, 2020

Why I am going to complete GP Explore with my Registrar.

GP Explore is a tool for registrars and supervisors alike.

GP Explore enables capture of de-identified patient data, while providing automated, real-time, dynamic reporting and analytics, with integrated reflection and generation of learning goals.

All GP-based registrars will be asked to nominate when they will complete their mandatory data collection (between 21 September to 30 October 2020). Once completed they will have a representative overview of patient demographics, case presentations, diagnoses and management skills developed.

Importantly, GP Explore data provides an opportunity for reflection between the registrar and supervisor to fill learning gaps. All registrars will complete a written reflection based on a review of their GP Explore data. We encourage supervisors to discuss the data with your registrar and support their reflection and consideration of learning opportunities. There are a number of resources available on GP Explore to assist with some reflective questions. When GP Explore is also completed by the supervisor, it is a useful tool to compare the practice profile between the supervisor and the registrar, as there is known to be significant differences in case presentations. It is useful to reflect on what this tells you, and how it might inform your learning strategies?

A webinar is scheduled for supervisors on Thursday the 10th September (6-7pm). This will be facilitated by Dr Helen Mullner and Dr Bill Geyer who will be reflecting on how supervisors can work with their registrars to get the most out of GP Explore reflection. It will also demonstrate how supervisors can use GP Explore to capture their own data. Register now

Stay tuned to learn more.

How does GP Explore fit within a work-place based assessment framework?- Get involved and win!

We invite registrars and supervisors who complete GP Explore in semester 2, 2020 to consider participating in our research. Once you complete GP Explore you will be invited to share your reflection for research purposes and complete a short survey.

If you participate you will be invited to enter a prize draw for a $250 voucher or a $100 voucher.

Information from this research will enable us to improve reflective assessments such as GP Explore in the future.

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