Published by Karen Stanton-Brown on July 5, 2021

GPEx congratulates the Hon David Gillespie MP on his appointment as the new Minister for Regional Health.

“Having been the Assistant Minister for Rural Health from 2016-2019 and the Assistant Minister for Health in 2017, Minister Gillespie is well aware of the challenges facing regional health and GP training,” said GPEx CEO Stephanie Clota.

“We particularly look forward to working with Minister Gillespie on developing ongoing strategies to strengthen the rural GP workforce.”

GPEx would also like to acknowledge the outgoing Minister’s contributions to the portfolio.

“We would also like to thank Minister Coulton for his work in regional health, especially during such a challenging time for our regional communities and health professionals with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ms Clota.

“GPEx is committed to continuing to work with the Federal Government to secure the future of South Australia’s rural medical workforce, not only with ensuring sufficient applicants into the AGPT Program, but also with the distribution of the workforce across the state to the communities where services are needed most.”