GP Explore

Explore is an app integrated online tool that captures and synthesises consultation data and enables real-time reflection and learning. An essential part of the workplace based assessment tool..

What is it?

Explore enables capture of de- identified patient data, while providing automated, real-time, dynamic reporting and analytics, and integrated reflection and generation of learning goals.

Data Capture  –  Analytics  –  Reflection and Learning

Data capture: Explore users enter de- identified patient data including; demographic, presenting complaint, diagnosis and basic management.

Analytics: Explore interactive graphs provide a snapshot of patient data. Enables real time reflection. Allows users to compare data to peer groups, see trends, identify gaps and focus on improvement opportunities.

Refection and Learning: Explore has integrated learning into the process, via reflective questions to guide discussion and generate relevant learning goals.

Why use GP Explore?

To attain Fellowship of the RACGP and/or ACRRM, doctors must master skills across a broad curriculum. Beyond Fellowship, General Practitioners continue to build skills and knowledge to best care for their patients. Experiential learning, through managing a diverse range of patients, is a critical way in which skills are developed. Capturing evidence of the consulting experience has been time consuming, complicated and not easily linked to reflection and development, nor has the process been in real-time.

EXPLORE presented by GPEx, fills this gap.

What are the Benefits of GP Explore?


GP Explore has benefits for registrars, supervisors, practices, medical educators and other users. 

For registrars, supervisors, practices, medical educators and other users;

  • Quick, easy and effective
    data capture
  • Real time analytics and
    dynamic reporting
  • Manage your own paediatric
    logbook and create your own
  • Compare data with peers and track progress over time
  • Integrated and guided reflection and generation of learning goals

For training organisations; 

  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Useful workplace-based assessment
    and remediation tool
  • Real time evidence of patient load and diversity
    Ability to analyse group data
  • Use data to inform organisational decisions
  • Track registrar exposure to enable
    tailored training and placements
  • Customised to your communities’
    social determinants
  • Tailored functionality to suit your requirements

“ GP Explore is a well-run program, with easy to use data entry portal and good graphical reporting capabilities about (de-identified) patients.”

Dr Lachlan McKinnon, GP Registrar

" I have utilised the GP Explore program with a number of registrars and PEP doctors I supervise, many of whom have never analysed their own data before. They found it exceptionally useful to see how they compared with their cohort and were able to gain a better understanding of their own learning. A stand out benefit being the easily read graphical format of the patient groups they are seeing to identify gaps – for example women’s health or elderly patients or chronic disease." 

Dr Danny Byrne, GP Supervisor, PEP Medical Educator.

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