GP Explore

GP Explore is an amazing tool that allows you to keep track of the patients you saw, their presentations, patients per hour and then look at your stats! I was lucky enough to trial the app in June and was amazed at how easy it was to use, and actually how useful it was. You can also use a desktop version as well.

As with any new training requirement, I’m reluctant to add extra work to an already busy consulting day but it took about 15 seconds at the end of every consult to log the patient in the app. At the end of the week, I learnt that I had seen more mental health patients than the average registrar and I could also see what my GPT3/4 peers were up to and how I compared to them with the presentations I was seeing.

I wish I had used GP Explore prior to exams as I could perhaps have identified areas where I wasn’t seeing enough patients, such as musculoskeletal medicine. I’m keen to continue using the app so that I can see my potential weakness areas and I encourage you to get on board and discover how amazing this app can be for you.

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