GPEx awarded largest Education Research Grant by the RACGP

GPEx will lead national research to design a Workplace Based Assessment Framework for the future of General Practice Training.

Evidence shows that Workplace Based Assessments (WBAs) can be an effective means for assessing the safety and competence of GP registrars. The nexus between the assessor, tool and context is currently the most important research domain in the WBA literature.

Within Australian General Practice Training there is a diverse range of WBAs used. GPEx has been funded through a competitive special Education Research Grant (ERG) from The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners to lead an Australia-wide project to develop an evidence-based, practical and contextualised WBA framework for GP training.

GPEx Medical Educator, Associate Professor Jill Benson will lead this project. In a  recent interview with newsGP, Dr Benson stated that  ‘The project will offer an Australian wide general practice training perspective which will ensure the resulting WBA framework will be relevant across the Australian landscape,’

This project seeks to identify and catalogue means of measuring and predicting progress through WBAs leading to the success or otherwise of participants in General Practice training programs.

This will be done through:

  • Reviewing the existing published and grey literature on WBAs,
  • Auditing the WBA tools, users and contexts currently present in Australian Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) and the Rural Vocational Training Scheme and mapping these against the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Core Skills of General Practice,
  • Completing a series of mixed-methods investigations on the acceptability, user experience and effectiveness of WBA approaches.

The findings will inform the development of the WBA Framework.

This is the first Australia-wide general practice project of its kind that will draw on previous international and Australia- based research and expertise to develop a WBA framework which considers the nexus between the assessor, tool and context.

The project will offer an Australia-wide GP training perspective; engaging GPEx, EVGPT, GPTT, MCCC, NTGPE, RVTS, WAGPET GPTQ and GP Synergy. This will ensure the resulting WBA framework will be relevant across the Australian landscape.

This project is informed by leading experts in medical education and WBA. The project is in partnership with the Prideaux Centre for Research in Health Professions Education, and Professor Lambert Schuwirth and Professor Cees Van Der Vleuten Professor of Education at Maastricht University, Department of Educational Development and Research in the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. This means the most up-to-date evidence and thinking in the sphere of WBA will be integrated into Framework design.

The WBA Framework will provide a blueprint for the future delivery of WBA assessment within Australian General Practice.


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