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GPEx Registrar Revelations: with Dr Chirag Patel.

What do you most enjoy about general practice?
I enjoy the varied nature of the job. I like how you can choose between urban and rural practice. This always keeps me on my toes and on the whole is very rewarding.

Why would you encourage others to train in general practice?
It is a rewarding specialty which the patients are highly reliant upon. It allows you learn multiple different skill sets. It also gives you the opportunity to run your practice the way you want to. You can make it what you want it to be.

What do you most enjoy about training with GPEx?
GPEx provides great support to registrars from running workshops to exam preparation. They also hold regular mini sessions with a group of registrars which allows us to build relationships and peer support.

Why would you encourage others to train with GPEx?
I remember my first interaction with GPEx during orientation immediately portrayed a sense of commitment and professionalism. Everyone involved was very approachable and supportive, The transition to working in the community can seem daunting. GPEx made this a lot easier than it may have been.

I chose AGPT with the RACGP because …
I chose AGPT with RACGP because I felt that its principles of learning, education and support matched mine. It has a large number of members, which demonstrates a sense of collegiality. This instils confidence in me that it can provide support in situations that matter.

I chose to specialise in general practice because …
I chose general practice because we are the first to see a patient with their acute or chronic conditions. We are in a position to diagnose conditions before any other speciality. This allows us to refer appropriately if needed and provide continuity of care. General practice is extremely varied and this is where the challenge lies. Adjusting your mindset to different presentations is unique to general practice.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?
I genuinely believe general practice does not get the credit it deserves. This is probably because of ignorance of the unknown. It would be fantastic if every single doctor had the opportunity to experience this speciality at least once in their careers. Who knows they may just change their mind about what they want to do!

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