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GPEx Registrar Revelations: with Dr Lachlan Mackinnon.

I chose AGPT with the ACRRM because …
I chose AGPT with the ACRRM pathway because I am excited and keen to pursue a career in rural general practice and to become a rural proceduralist. The ACRRM pathway requires a more diverse set of skills to be covered including obstetrics, paediatrics and anaesthetics as well as completing one year of training to develop an extended skill.

I chose to specialise in general practice because …
I chose general practice because basically, you can do it all and not miss out on any aspects of the diverse field of medicine! From primary prevention to palliative care, surgical problems to mental health consults, seeing young children to elderly couples – it’s all in a day’s work and makes my professional life stimulating and rewarding.

What do you most enjoy about general practice?
I enjoy the diversity of patients walking through the door and the ability to be able to develop long-term rapport and relationships with them. The satisfaction of being able to support them through kinds of different stages of life and be appreciated for this is something special.

Why would you encourage others to train in general practice?
I would encourage others to pursue general practice, particularly rural general practice, because if you are someone who enjoys a bit of everything and doesn’t want to get locked down into something super specialised, then you can really use your training in general practice as a springboard to develop your particular interests while still maintaining a great variety of patient contact. Whether it be medical education, surgery, dermatology, mental health, research – it doesn’t really matter as there are so many avenues to up-skill in addition to the rewards general practice can bring.

What do you most enjoy about training with GPEx?
GPEx has been a fantastic GP registrar training organisation and I have continually been impressed with their organisation, professionalism, support, friendliness and strength of their training programs. I loved the support of the monthly mini-release groups and catching up with my medical educator as well as GP365, an online module course that had some great resources and gave a fantastic base for developing a base to work in general practice.

Why would you encourage others to train with GPEx?
GPEx do an incredible job in supporting you through your training and you really feel they want to support you and help you to make the most of your time. You are allocated a program training adviser who keeps in regular contact and helps you navigate through all the required assessments you need for your ACRRM or RACGP fellowship. The staff are friendly and available, always keen to meet you and put faces to names at orientation and workshops run throughout the year.

If you are interested in general practice and wish to learn more, register to attend GP Expo; a free event where you will learn about the many opportunities that the industry offers, as well as the upcoming 2019 intake.

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