‘A physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient’1

GPTQ is interested in hearing about your experiences in teaching and/or learning about doctors’ health as part of the education provided during vocational general practice training.

We are undertaking a research project which aims to explore the key doctors’ health education messages being provided to GP registrars, as described by RTOs, as perceived by Medical Educators and GP Supervisors, and as experienced by GP Registrars.  We aim to compare these messages with the RACGP’s doctors’ health curriculum. The findings will inform and guide future initiatives to enhance the delivery of doctors’ health education during vocational general practice training.

We are currently seeking a small sample of GP supervisors, medical educators, and general practice-based GP registrars from three Australian RTOs (GPTQ, GPEx and NTGPE), to participate in a semi-structured interview to discuss their teaching and learning experiences related to education about doctors’ health.

The interview will take up to 45 minutes, and we are able to provide a gift card to voluntary interview participants.

For further information about this project and/or to register your interest in participation, please contact the Project Research Officer Nazli Bashi.

NOTE:  This research project is supported by The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners with funding from the Australian Government under the Australian General Practice Training Program.

1. Smith JW. A is for aphorism – if ‘a physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient’ – are we all fools? Aust Fam Physician. 2012 Aug;41(8):622.