The Practice Experience Program (PEP) provides non-vocationally registered doctors with access to a structured education program on their pathway to Fellowship with the RACGP.

Practice Experience Program

About the program

This workplace-based assessment program has been developed to assist participants in their preparation for the RACGP exams and to deliver quality general practice care to their patients.

Experienced GPEx Medical Educators deliver the education and provide support to participants during their time in the program.

The RACGP has designed two streams for program completion – the Standard Stream and the Specialist Stream.

The Standard Stream has been designed for applicants who do not hold a specialist qualification in general practice or whose comparability assessment was deemed as non-comparable.

The Specialist Stream is open for applicants with international specialist qualifications in general practice.

The RACGP website contains more information regarding applications, eligibility, comparability assessments, program requirements and policies.

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