The AGPT program allows you to train in either a ‘rural pathway’ or ‘general pathway’ – both offered at GPEx

The pathways have been created with a view to facilitate the development of skilled General Practitioners in both rural and urban General Practice.

General Pathway

If you wish to spend all or most of your training time in the metropolitan area, the general pathway is for you.

As part of your training time, you will be required to undertake a 12-month training obligation in an outer metropolitan location. This can be done by completing one of the following options:

  • 12 months training in a rural location classified as Remoteness Area (RA) 2-5
  • 12 months training in an outer metropolitan location
  • 12 months training comprising two of the following:
    • six months training in a rural location classified RA 2-5
    • six months training in an outer metropolitan location
    • six months training in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health training post in an Aboriginal Medical Service.

The remainder of your time can be in the metropolitan area.

Rural Pathway

The rural pathway is primarily designed for registrars who are committed to training and working in rural areas.

Applicants who elect the rural pathway are required to undertake their training in MMM 2-7 locations which include regional centres and remote areas.

Overseas-trained doctors and foreign graduates of accredited medical schools subject to Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973 (the Ten Year Moratorium) are required to train on the Rural Pathway.

At GPEx all rural registrars are required to complete at least 12 months of their training time in outer rural locations. View our Registrar Placement Policy to understand what this means.


Training Locations

Please view details of the current GPEx Training Posts to understand the locality of our practices better. 

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