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General Practice offers variety, flexibility and intellectual stimulation, where you can make a difference in your community for many years to come. High job satisfaction is often mentioned by practising GPs. As a health professional, you are the primary point of contact for your community members and instrumental in helping generations to stay healthy and happy. Couple this with the security of a profession and skill set that you can take anywhere in the world and it’s easy to see why General Practice is hard to beat.

Being a GP doesn’t limit you to working in a room all day. There are numerous pathways you can take:

  • Sole practitioner
  • Partner with a practice
  • Manage your own practice
  • Specialise (eg. emergency medicine, obstetrics, surgery)
  • Medical Education
  • Research

A career like no other

Helping people every day and making a direct and sustained impact to your community’s wellbeing, will satisfy and reward you on many levels.

As a GP, you have the ability to apply investigatory skills and treat patients holistically. You will interact with generations of families and build relationships that can last a lifetime.

You are rewarded with the opportunity to take your specialty and apply it anywhere in the world.

General Practice is a challenging specialty that offers life-long learning.

If you want a rewarding career where each day is different, then General Practice is for you. Read more about how GP Training works.

The benefits are many and varied

  • Diversity of skills and knowledge
  • Treat a patient from beginning to end
  • Long term patient relationships
  • Work in a team, or autonomously
  • Stable profession
  • Rewarding and self fulfilling
  • Contribute to your local community
  • Life-long career
  • A profession you can take anywhere
  • Choose your own destination
  • Complex and challenging experience
  • Manage patients in a holistic manner
  • Knowledge of many areas required
  • Specialise in interests, eg. obstetrics, emergency medicine, etc.
  • Every day is different
  • High job satisfaction
  • Self managed
  • Advocate for the patient

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