Our Strategic Framework

Our aim is to shape the future of health in Australia, by delivering programs and services that promote excellence and equity, meeting the health and medical workforce needs of the communities which we serve.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Develop a sustainable business model, with a broader, diverse range of customers.
  • Develop new programs and services for the health sector.
  • Extend our area of operation through an expanded national footprint.
  • Continue delivering quality specialist general practice training and education.
  • Explore and design solutions to address health workforce challenges.
  • Extend our engagement of partners by increasing demand and value.
  • Continue to build a unified team with a collaborative culture.
  • Constructively contribute to the changing primary care and GP Training landscape, adopting a risk management approach to the transition to College-led training.
  • Eliminate customer pain points by assessing need, delivering value, and responding to feedback.

GPEx Strategic Framework