Project ECHO®

An innovative peer-learning framework for inspiring sustainable and profound change.

GPEx is proud to be one of only a few licensed ECHO® Hubs in Australia.

This innovative knowledge-sharing model builds communities of practice through virtual mentoring and learning, thereby expanding the capacity of healthcare professionals to foster profound and sustainable change.

How ECHO® Works:
“All Teach, All Learn”

Project ECHO® was inspired by the way clinicians learn from medical rounds during residencies. It engages participants in a virtual community with their peers, where they can support each other’s professional learning, disseminate best practice, and share guidance and feedback. We call it “all teach, all learn”.

Today, more than 20 years since its inception, Project ECHO® is being used across disciplines to solve the world’s greatest problems.

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The ECHO® Model in Practice

Project ECHO® comprises a series of facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions delivered via video conferencing software. Each session consists of a brief presentation from a set curriculum, designed in consultation with potential participants and subject matter experts. This is followed by a participant-led case study with facilitated discussion.

Finally, participants are given a brief written summary of the presented case with treatment, along with links to evidence-based resources.

Please click below to watch a brief video on how Project ECHO® works.

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Four Principles of the ECHO® Model

Use technology to leverage scarce resources
Apply case-based learning to master complexity
Share best practices to reduce disparities
Evaluate and monitor outcomes

Not Heard of Project ECHO® Before?

Project ECHO® was originally developed in 2003 by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine to build the capacity of primary care providers and to increase access to specialist-level care in rural and underserved populations.

The ECHO® model has since spread to 180 countries and deliver more than 3,700 ECHO Programs world-wide.

It is backed by a significant and growing body of research that demonstrates its effectiveness and sustainablility in healthcare.

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