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Performance Coach


Individual performance coaching (1 session)


One-on-one coaching
All medical specialties
Receive study strategies
Learn self-care techniques
Manage exam anxiety

About this Program

Maximise your chance of exam success with individual performance coaching to manage stress and anxiety and adopt better study and self-care techniques.

Passing your Fellowship exams doesn’t just come down to your medical knowledge. Ineffective exam preparation, and feeling stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, can all lead to poor exam performance.

Through a tailored, individual approach, your Performance Coach will discuss the challenges you are currently facing, and the strategies you can adopt for more effective and helpful behaviours that enable exam success. Sessions typically run for up to 60 minutes.

Performance coaching as part of exam preparation has helped hundreds of exam candidates perform better in their medical exams.

Already sat your exam?

For some, the time after completing an exam can be just as stressful as the time leading up to exams. You may be feeling lost, restless or continually reviewing your answers to each question and anxious over the ones you think you got wrong while you await your results. If this is you, a performance coach session can assist you reframe this waiting time for results.

Program Content

Motivation and Procrastination

Discuss strategies for building and sustaining motivation over time and how to manage negative feelings such as fear of failure, procrastination and increased anxiety.

Study Techniques

Explore study and learning techniques on how to prepare more effectively for exams by increasing memory retention and recall.


Learn how successful exam preparation needs to include good self-care particularly sleep and exercise due to their link to learning and memory retention.


Heuristics are mental shortcuts or rules of thumb that ease the cognitive load of your decision-making. Understand what your heuristics are and whether you need to implement more appropriate ones for exam success.

Exam Anxiety

Manage exam anxiety by addressing your attitudes, beliefs and self-talk, and learn how to better manage the physical aspects of anxiety for optimal exam performance.

Self-talk and Rumination

Understand your self-talk and tendency to ruminate to free yourself and ‘unhook’ from problematical or worrying thoughts.

Failed Exam Attempts

For many doctors, failing the Fellowship exams may be the first time they’ve failed at anything. This often leads to feelings of embarrassment, shame, anxiety and self-doubt, which can affect your confidence, self-worth or identity. We talk through these feelings and how to manage them as well as review past performances to develop strategies to achieve exam success.

Candidates who benefit from performance coaching

  • Doctors sitting their Fellowship exams for the first time, who want to give themselves the best opportunity of passing their exams the first-time round.
  • Doctors who have failed Fellowship exams previously, who want support and guidance on how to do things differently.
  • International Medical Graduates, who face additional challenges such as English as a second language and a lack of familiarity with these exam formats.
  • Mature aged doctors, who have had a career change or specialty change late in life, and who feel out of practice with studying or exam preparation.
  • Doctors who lead extremely busy lives, who need help achieving an ideal work/life/study balance and maintaining their wellbeing in the midst of their busy schedules.
  • Doctors experiencing a major life event or crisis (e.g., moving house, changing jobs, break-up of a relationship, or a major health issue of self or family member) while preparing for their Fellowship exams. Support through coaching will assist to better managing the associated emotional distress and enable exam performance.
  • Doctors who have already sat their Fellowship exams but are struggling to ‘switch off’ while they wait for their results. They may be experiencing ‘post-exam blues’ such as feelings of loss, low mood, lethargy, sleep disturbances or are easily distracted and bored.


Thank you for your help in my preparation for my exam. I think the session we had was key to my performance and for passing the exam. I am now looking forward to continuing to use your strategies for the next exam and other situations in life.

Performance Coach participant

I passed my exam and am now a Fellow! Thank you for the tremendous guidance you gave me during our virtual sessions. A positive mental attitude, organised approach, exam cycling, healthy lifestyle habits proved to be game changers for me.

Performance Coach participant

Performance Coach

Dr Sonya Vandergoot
Organisational Psychologist