Dear Obstetric Shared Care GPs,

As we continue to ride the crazy rollercoaster of COVID-19, we are continuing to provide relevant and timely updates to all our Obstetric Shared Care GPs.

Antenatal Classes
The WCH have been contacted by Nourishbaby – an online education package. They are offering a 50% discount on their antenatal bundle for any interested parents – however, we hope to have free alternatives soon! 

Parents just need to enter NOURISH50 at the page link here:

One of our OSC GPs has also recommended this site for antenatal education, Birth Beat:

An Update from the WCH:

Please be advised that effective 0800 Friday 27/3/20, nitrous oxide for analgesia in labour is to be ceased as per advice from the Women’s Anaesthesia Department due to the risk of transmission of COVID-19. 

Alternate options for women requiring analgesia in labour who do not wish to proceed with an epidural and require more than oral analgesia are subcutaneous fentanyl or fentanyl PCA.

An Update from SA Health:

SA Health has partnered with Detmold to manufacture 45 million N95/P2 and level 3 barrier protection surgical masks for use in South Australia.

Again thank you all for the good work that you are doing, for being part of our GP Obstetric Shared Care Program and for providing continuity of care to your antenatal patients.

Stay safe.

If you have any questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact the GP Obstetric Shared Care Program Manager – Leanne at