December 2020

2020 has challenged us all to stay close as we keep our distance, to communicate with our eyes as we mask our breath, and to follow the experts as they build new evidence in uncertain times.

At GP Partners Australia, we sincerely hope that you have not been too adversely impacted this year and that conditions may be now improving with the reduced incidence of COVID-19 infections in South Australia. 

As 2020 draws to an end the GP Partners team would simply like to thank everyone whether on the frontline or behind the scenes and in particular all our GPs particpating in our Shared Care Programs. We look forward to continuing our work with you in 2021.

This is our final newsletter for 2020 and it outlines some of the many achievements and highlights for this year.

A Message from Our CEO

What a year!!

It is clear to everyone the value of GPs in the community.

How important the primary care sector is to our health system. And this is not just limited to GPs, but nurses, practice managers, receptionists and all the suppliers who support these individuals and practices.


We also saw disruption and opportunity – years squeezed into months. Tele-health went from a fringe service to mainstream. From temporary to permanent. The world of service delivery has changed forever. Startups like Coviu, raised $6 million to support this transformation.

As the CEO of GP Partners Australia, I constantly ask myself two questions:

What is the role of the GP in the community?

What is the role of GP Partners Australia in the context of GPs?

These two questions are intertwined and at the intersection of these questions falls “value creation opportunities”.

In 2020, as a team, we have spent time to consolidate the past, clarify the present and create a new future.

Our traditional Shared Care Programs are very important, and we will continue to be led by the amazing Leanne March. We will consolidate them, extend them into new areas and build new programs that compliment them.

As we clarify our role and the opportunity space, we have explored the digital space and how we can support its use and adoption. Atif Majeed, our multi-talented Program Manager for Technology and Start-ups, has supported the ACDCare project and ACDCare App, our ‘Ask Katie’ App for pregnant mothers, and our new pilot with SA Health around after-hours support for Palliative Care in Aged Care we are continuing to expand.

This is not enough. We have to CREATE a new future.

Going back to my two questions, we are constantly asking ourselves on how we do this. (Please reply back to this email or email me at to share your views on this).

One of the ideas we explored and expanded in 2019 was building a network of GP Clinics to conduct global clinical trials. We received tremendous interest from you. Then Covid hit. We gave ourselves and everyone some space and now in the “new normal” we are one of the safest places on earth.

As we end 2020, I am excited to launch Plexus Research – the largest clinical trial network in South Australia. 10 clinics, 40 GP investigators with a 100,000 active patient population.

In 2021, we are ready for the opportunity to conduct global trials in South Australia.

The world is waiting to get back to normal. To create medical breakthroughs. We, and our network (you!) will be ready to make this happen.

It is an opportunity to provide something new to your patients, contribute to global science and diversify your income. We will showcase more opportunities in the coming months around this.

For more information you can go to or reach me at

Lastly, I want to thank our team, including Steve Johnson and Naomi Pointon for working through this tough 2020 and helping build a strong platform. For our Board, led by Rob DiMonte as Chair, for their leadership and support. To the clinical governance teams, GP Advisors and all the key people around the various projects. For SA Health for their continued trust in us.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!

See you all in the new year!


Suhit Anantula
GP Partners Australia 

Plexus Research

Press Release: Plexus Research targets the 3D of Clinical Trials by building the largest clinical trial network in South Australia

Adelaide, Australia, Nov 13th, 2020

Plexus Research has created the largest clinical trial network in South Australia in one year targeting drugs, devices, and digital solutions (3D) for Australian and global companies. In less than a year, Plexus has created a network of 10 clinics, 40 GPs as investigators and a 100,000 database of active patients. Through our parent company GP Partners Australia, we have access to grow our network to 1600 GPs, 400+ clinics and covers majority of the 1.3 million population of Adelaide.

Plexus provides a clinical and commercial path to market for small biotechs, digital health start-ups, MedTech devices and large pharmaceutical companies.

Working with a network of GP and Specialist clinics we have created a platform that enables path breaking medical products to find scientific and market data in the community and reach to potential participants easily.

New Board:

Plexus Research is announcing its board led by Roseanne Healy as the Chair, Tam C Nguyen as a non-executive Director and Suhit Anantula as the Executive Director and CEO.

Roseanne brings to Plexus Research over 20 years corporate experience on mergers, acquisitions, capital raising and turnarounds; informed by investment banking, venture capital and start up roles over the course of her career.

Associate Professor Tam Nguyen has over 20 years of working in the healthcare, health and medical research environment including tertiary teaching hospitals and research institute across Australia. His current and previous senior roles cover research strategy, research ethics and governance, clinical trials, research innovation and development.

Suhit is an award winning global strategic design leader with experience in working across Australia, Asia, Europe and US. In his various roles he has worked in global multinationals like ADP, start-ups like Deeshaa, NFPs like TACSI, in the public sector, small business and a consultant across the world in various industries and organisations.

Suhit Anantula says, “By connecting a diverse network of clinics, GPs and patient populations we can solve the number one key challenge in clinical trials – on time recruitment”!

Post-COVID-19 Opportunity:

In 2019, more than 50,000 trials were conducted globally. According to some estimates, about 80% of all non-COVID-19 trials have stopped or interrupted in 2020. In 2021 and 2022 we will see a huge increase in clinical trials and Plexus aims to capture that opportunity.

COVID-19 has created a larger need for digital health which is a $200B market globally. By providing a commercial and clinical path to market for start-ups Plexus creates value in this fast growing market.

About Plexus Research:

We are a community-based drug development partner with a rich and diverse SMO network in Adelaide, Australia.

With access to a unique network of GP Investigators and patient populations, and best-in-class technology platform partners, Plexus Research offers end-to-end clinical trials services to local and international pharmaceutical, biotech, MedTech, digital health and clinical research organisations.

GP Partners Australia Database

We are pleased to announce that our GP Partners website has been upgraded and given a new fresh look again this year. Our website is designed to be easier to navigate and now includes relevant links, downloadable forms, presentations, GP Locators, an events calendar and resources to assist General Practice provide better health outcomes for their patients. Given the challenges and impact of COVID-19, we have added relevant information and resources to assist GPs during these times.

There has never been a better time to listen to a podcast!

Though the format has been around for a couple of decades now, it’s only in the last few years that they really hit their stride. You might say that we’re living through a golden age of podcasts, if you’re the kind of person who needs all their culture categorised into neat eras!

Whether you’re looking to binge while commuting, cleaning, taking a bath, or hunkering down for a road trip, given long haul flights are out of the question, we guarantee our Shared Care Podcast Series will do wonders to pass the time.

Make it your mission to listen to one of our podcasts.

We are currently finalising the dates of our 2021 CPD Activities calendar for both the GP Obstetric Shared Care Program and the GP Palliative Shared Care Program, which will be available early in the New Year online, with a direct link to register to attend activities via our website or Eventbrite.

Introducing the host of our Podcast Series – GP Advisor Dr Russell Shute

Healthy Doctors Practice Better Medicine

Doctors’ Health SA is an independent and profession-controlled organisation dedicated to improving the health of doctors and medical students for the good of the community.

As a medical practitioner it is important to be able to access quality health care for yourself. Particularly this year, with the impact and challenges of COVID-19. DHSA provides an after-hours GP clinic operated by experienced, trained doctors for doctors. If you prefer to see someone near you, there is a network of trained GPs across South Australia. In South Australia and Northern Territory doctors and medical students can also access a 24/7 urgent phone advice line specifically designed to support doctors at a time of need.

During the year we were excited that Dr Roger Sexton, Medical Director of Doctors’ Health SA, not only recorded a podcast for us, but also presented to our Palliative Shared Care GPs and provided top tips from ‘sustainable doctors’. Roger has a long-standing interest in doctors’ health and medical education.

Australia’s only GP Pregnancy Shared Care App is the perfect pregnancy companion.

‘Working with South Australian women and families, Katie will assist you on a smooth and supported pregnancy journey.’
Promotional material is available from GPEx.
Email to:

GP Partners Australia
Digital Health Test Bed Project
ACDCare App

The ACDCare, Digital Health Test Bed Project aims to create awareness about the Advance Care Directive and to enable a rapid response to the low uptake in the number of completed Advance Care Directives in the community, as well as facilitate a process that will enable the completed Advance Care Directive to be uploaded to My Health Record via the myGov App.

Innovation in Education

GP Partners Australia’s Shared Care Programs (Obstetrics and Palliative) are working to create and provide innovative education opportunities for our GPs, who have become increasingly busy during this year’s challenging times due to the impact of COVID-19.

 Contemporary Jeweller & Visual Artist
Naomi Eleftheriou

Not only one of our talented staff members!

We chose many of our gifts for Presenters at this year’s CPD activities from Naomi’s jewellery range.


PPE Update


GPs have asked us for assistance with what is happening with supplies of PPE. It has been concerning to hear about continuing low supplies of PPE, including difficulty reliably sourcing hygiene products at a reasonable price. 
Healthy Care Services Pty Ltd 
16-20 Hindmarsh Ave. 
Welland SA 5007 
(M): 0499 998 691

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If you have any questions regarding GP Partners GP Shared Care Programs
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