In a recent initiative to bolster professional development for practice managers, a series of webinars has been launched targeting key areas of practice management across the Brisbane North and Gold Coast PHN regions. These webinars have swiftly established new industry benchmarks with their in-depth exploration of core managerial functions within healthcare.

Highlights from the series are:

  • “Leadership in Practice and the Role of the Practice Manager” where attendees gained insights on effective leadership, documented by a 24 Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • “Recruitment and Retention” which focused on strategies for assembling a skilled healthcare team, earning a 29 NPS.
  • “Bulk Billing vs Mixed Billing,” a session that investigated different billing strategies and their outcomes, achieving a high NPS of 67.
  • A session on “Practice Accreditation” received a NPS of 63 that extensively covered the accreditation process and standards essential for practice quality enhancement.

The series’ success reflects collaborative efforts and the expertise provided by our guest specialists: Kendall Shultz of KS Consulting, Emily Elst from Avant Practice Solutions, and Anna-Maria Gibb from PracticeHub, whose contributions were paramount in delivering transformative content.

We trust the series has sparked new, actionable strategies among participants to better equip them for leading and innovating in healthcare. Committed to the continual development of practice managers, we look forward to offering more opportunities that further leadership and operational capabilities in the sector.