We are delighted to announce the successful participation of 202 GPs in our GP Obstetric Shared Care’s Autumn Fertility Series workshops.

These workshops covered crucial topics such as IVF, egg freezing, PCOS, male infertility, and genetic screening. Additionally, our Contraceptive Seminar on June 5th saw 172 GPs in attendance, and 123 GPs registered for our second Accreditation Seminar on June 22nd. We are proud to report that the feedback from all our events has been outstanding, underscoring the high quality and relevance of our educational programs for GPs involved in the SA GP Obstetric Shared Care Program.

About the GP Obstetric Shared Care Program

GP Obstetric Shared Care offers a collaborative and holistic approach to obstetric care by integrating the skills of Midwives, General Practitioners (GPs), and Obstetricians, enhancing community health and collegial understanding. Women eligible for this program can have most of their antenatal and postnatal care provided by their GP, with the public hospital staff focusing on inpatient, intrapartum, and some outpatient maternity care. This model supports the SA Health Strategic Plan 2017–2020 by leveraging evidence-based practices, involving consumers in its development, and ensuring safe, effective care.

SA Health has engaged GPEx, which includes GP Partners Australia, to oversee the Statewide GP Obstetric Shared Care Program. GPEx administers this program in collaboration with SA Health, ensuring that accredited GPs receive the necessary training, education, and support to maintain their qualifications. Many women prefer GP Obstetric Shared Care because it allows for continuity of care with a familiar GP, convenient appointment scheduling close to home, and accommodation for cultural and language needs. This program is ideal for healthy women with normal pregnancies, promoting hospital avoidance while ensuring comprehensive maternity care.