GPEx has held its first Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (WPP) Steering Group meeting, chaired by Prof. Paul Worley.

The meeting was attended by representatives from key organisations in the GP sector, including participants from both GP Colleges, Rural Doctors Workforce Agency, Local Hospital Networks, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association, Rural Doctors’ Association of South Australia and more.

The Steering Group sparked positive conversations, with all members providing meaningful insights into the WPP Program to further its aim of providing independent and evidence-based advice to inform the geographic distribution and placement of Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) registrars.

GPEx is continuing to liaise with these organisations to gather additional quantitative data sets to be included within the upcoming October reporting. This will be combined with ongoing stakeholder engagement at a GP practice level, as collection of relevant qualitative data must be taken into consideration alongside the quantitative data that forms the basis of the report. This process will help ensure the WPP program is painting an accurate picture of the workforce and community need throughout SA.

Additionally, a collaboration has been formed with the Aboriginal Health Councils of South Australia (AHCSA) to allow GPEx to interview each South Australian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation to gather evidence for a tailored report on their specific workforce and community needs. Once this report is endorsed by ACHSA in September, it will also be featured within the upcoming October reporting provided to the Department of Health and Aged Care, plus the GP Colleges.

Keen to participate in South Australia’s GP WPP?

We are in the process of contacting GP practices in catchment areas that have been identified as some of the areas of greatest need. However, if you have not heard from us and would like to provide your insights, please email us.