As Long COVID presents an ongoing challenge in patient care, GPEx has responded by crafting a dedicated educational program for General Practitioners (GPs). In partnership with Dr. Bernard Shiu, a notable expert in the field, our initiative strives to arm GPs with the insights needed to navigate the complexities of Long COVID and enhance patient outcomes.

We’ve successfully delivered this essential training in webinar format across various Primary Health Networks, receiving positive acclaim for its effectiveness. The program distills intricate medical information into actionable patient care strategies, focusing on the prolonged recovery journey associated with Long COVID.

Our achievements include:

  • The creation and implementation of a thorough Long COVID educational module for GPs.
  • Collaborative efforts with medical experts to streamline Long COVID diagnosis and care.
  • Progressive elevation of patient treatment capabilities through research-backed methods.

GPEx is eager to extend this impactful program and invites partnerships with health organisations keen on improving medical education related to Long COVID. Together, we can equip GPs with vital tools to assure patient health and optimise healthcare quality in these challenging times. For details on integrating this Long COVID education into your practice and contributing to the health sector’s progress, please reach out. Be a part of this crucial journey to enhance healthcare resilience against Long COVID.