On 1 July, the merger of GPEx and GP Partners Australia was completed, with GP Partners Australia now sitting within the GPEx offering.

GP Partners Australia is a non-profit organisation based in South Australia. Its primary focus lies in administering GP Obstetric Shared Care Programs, including the Statewide SA GP Obstetric Shared Care Program, the new GP ADHD Shared Care Program, and Project ECHO, being one of only two ECHO Hubs in South Australia.

The merger allows the two organisations to combine our strengths and resources to create a powerful alliance that will drive innovation, expand opportunities, and deliver even greater value to our GPs, partners, and the community.

GP Obstetric Shared Care perspectives

By Leanne March, General Manager – GP Partners Australia

Our Statewide GP Obstetric Shared Care Program has continued to excel and deliver exceptional antenatal care to pregnant women and families in our public maternity hospitals.

As of June 30th, 2023, we are proud to have a total of 766 GPs participating in the GP Obstetric Shared Care Program across South Australia. Our focus on reaching out to rural and remote areas remains steadfast, and we plan to organise continuing professional development (CPD) activities and visits to Wallaroo, the Riverland, and Mt Gambier in the coming months, further expanding our program’s reach and impact.

We participated in the Pregnancy, Babies, and Children’s Expo earlier this year, where we had a fantastic opportunity to connect with the community and explain the benefits of GP Obstetric Shared Care. Over 7,100 people attended the two-day expo, with the GP Partners booth busy providing resources and information to pre-natal, pregnant, and post-natal women and their partners. It was a rewarding experience, and we reached a broader audience, spreading the word about our patient-centric approach.
Many women and partners indicated their decision to talk to their GP about GP Obstetric Share Care after talking with the experienced OSC team.

One of the program’s remarkable achievements continues to be the significant increase in the number of participating GPs and their active engagement in CPD activities.

Moreover, we successfully conducted two amazing Accreditation Seminars this quarter, with an impressive combined attendance of 194 GPs. These seminars provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and networking, fostering a strong community of healthcare professionals committed to providing comprehensive antenatal care.

Our next CPD activity is a Clinical Refresher and registrations have opened for the 16th September. The venue is Sunnybrae Estate Function Centre, Regency Park. Please click on the button below to register.