GPEx has recently introduced the GP ADHD Shared Care Program to aid adolescents with ADHD during their transition from paediatric services to adult healthcare.

This initiative extends the framework previously established by the Women’s & Children’s Hospital to encompass the services provided by the Northern and Southern Adelaide Health Networks.

Designed with the successful GP Obstetric Shared Care model as its guide, the program strives to enhance ADHD care coordination between general practitioners, paediatricians, and psychiatrists. It arms GPs with the necessary tools for effective ADHD management and paves the way for active collaboration with specialists.

The intent of the program is encapsulated in its comprehensive support for ADHD patients, looking beyond mere adolescence to integrate into ongoing health management plans. The program’s effectiveness is evidenced by the engagement of 166 GPs, marking its growing endorsement among the medical community.

Highlighting its nationwide relevance, the GP ADHD Shared Care Program was showcased at the Royal Australian New Zealand College of Psychiatrists – The Spectrum of Mental Health SA Scientific Conference. There, a detailed explanation of the program’s structure, patient-centered orientation, the importance of stable medication dosage regimens, and the added benefits for GPs, such as professional development and MBS-subsidised treatments were presented. The presentation was met with positive feedback, reinforcing the program’s vital role in ADHD patient care and management.

The program’s swift adaption by over 160 GPs since its inception four months ago serves as a testament to the growing need and acknowledgment of shared care methodologies in mental health. As the program aims to broaden its influence, it seeks to enforce accessible, high-quality ADHD care nationally. The backing it has received so far fortifies its mission to advance ADHD management and promote the welfare of impacted individuals and their families.

For further information on the GP ADHD Shared Care Program, please contact the Program Manager.