I chose the General Pathway with the RACGP, because it provided me with flexibility and convenience. I was able to work close to home, and even ride my bike to work when I first started. I am also able to see a broad range of patients, which challenges me on a daily basis.

The holistic approach to healthcare is what attracted me to General Practice. You don’t just see a patient in a hospital gown and bed at one moment in their life. You see them in their daily life, at their best and their worst, when they are celebrating a new pregnancy, and when they are developing a serious illness. You have the ability to visit patients in their homes, and find out who they are as a person and how their physical, mental and social health intertwine. I enjoy the continuity of care, and love when my patients bring their children or other relatives to see me as well.

The biggest myth I have heard about General Practice is that it is all coughs and colds. This statement could not be more wrong.

Within my first few months of General Practice training, I had assessed patients presenting with symptoms of myocardial infarction, new psychosis, thunder clap headache, appendicitis, cholecystitis, chronic regional pain syndrome, pregnancy, and first presentation Crohn’s disease.

Managing a wide breadth of presentations each day is what General Practice is all about.

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