Creating a community of practice for shared learning and professional support.

The need for integrated palliative care has never been greater. Our population is aging, and rates of terminal non-communicable diseases continue to progress.

GP Partners Australia was recently awarded a grant through the Palliative Care 2022 Grants Program, an initiative of the South Australian Government in partnership with Palliative Care SA.

Project ECHO – Enhancing Palliative Care was implemented to deliver a model of medical education with case-based learning to GPs in the SA Statewide community online.

A total of nine sessions have been delivered and GPs have described their experience by attending the sessions as contributing to their improved knowledge, skills, confidence, self-efficacy, and satisfaction. They reported the ECHO model as being an important tool; for building connections within our health system and reducing their isolation, particularly for those GPs working in rural and remote areas, managing their palliative patients.

We are looking forward to expanding our offerings in this space and to soon commence an Obstetric Project ECHO series.

Learn how ECHO sessions work.