Boost your practice’s performance and patient satisfaction by empowering your nursing staff with our comprehensive GPEx Practice Nurse Education and Development Program. Designed specifically for general practices, this program will upgrade your team’s expertise in crucial areas including ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health’, ‘Asthma and COPD Management’, ‘Cardiovascular Disease’, ‘Chronic Kidney Disease’, and ‘Diabetes.’

Our Practice Nurse Program offers a thorough suite of learning modules tailored to primary health care, allowing your nurses to expand their roles and confidently manage both clinical and non-clinical tasks. By investing in your nursing team’s education, you’re not just enhancing patient care; you’re also fostering professional growth and building a more resilient, skilled workforce that can tackle the complexities of modern health care.

Understanding the constraints of practice budgets, we’re offering discounts for practices that enrol multiple nurses, making it a cost-effective solution to elevate your team’s capabilities.

Feedback from the pilot phase of our Practice Nurse program was overwhelmingly positive. Every participant in the pilot group unequivocally expressed their endorsement of the program, stating that they would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Discover the potential of your nursing staff and the positive impact on your practice’s services by learning more about the Practice Nurse Program.