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KFP Coach


40 KFP cases over 10 weeks for 2024.1 RACGP KFP exam preparation

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Step through 40 KFP cases
Understand the KFP answer grid
Receive group and individual feedback
Maximise your scoring potential

About this Program

KFP Coach 2024.1 commences Monday 20 November 2023

Whether you are preparing for your first attempt of the KFP exam or a subsequent attempt, gain the reassurance you need to make it a successful attempt with KFP Coach.

Via an online question and answer forum, your dedicated KFP coaching team of medical educators will guide you through 40 KFP cases over 10 weeks to improve your KFP exam technique, maximise your marks and help identify any knowledge gaps to focus your learning. Understand the key feature style ‘answer grid’, which answers receive marks, and why some answers are awarded more marks than others.

Hone your clinical reasoning skills and KFP exam technique via group and personalised feedback to maximise your scoring potential.


I passed my KFP with a good mark. So glad to have done KFP Coach with your tutors. I have recommended to all of my friends and colleagues.

KFP Coach participant

Thank you for your excellent guidance and support. Your cases were excellent. You guys have helped me a lot in term of writing answers.

KFP Coach participant

Medical Educators

Dr Maya Luks
Dr Marny Royans

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