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GP ADHD Shared Care

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder with symptoms present before 12 years of age. Symptoms include difficulties with attention and/or hyperactivity and impulsivity, which are incongruent with a person’s age and interfere with activities, including a person’s family life or participation in their community.

As a child with ADHD grows up, their clinicians should plan for a smooth move from health services for children to health services for adolescents, and later to adult health services.

The GP ADHD Shared Care Program was developed to facilitate the option of ADHD Shared Care with the young person’s GP, while also assisting their transition to adult psychiatry services.  The GP ADHD Shared Care Program is modelled on the highly successful South Australian Statewide GP Obstetric Shared Care Program managed by GPEx, following the merger with GP Partners Australia, on behalf of the Department of Health and Wellbeing.

This service is available to young individuals who are currently patients of South Australian public paediatric units, including Metropolitan Local Health Networks and Country Local Health Networks, aged 16 years and over to assist in their transition to adult services. This service is not available to patients who are on short-term or early phase Schedule 8 stimulant support or have not yet reached a stable dosage requirement. It is also not available to patients who are currently already linked CAMHS, Youth Mental Health Team or a Private Psychiatrist.

The young person’s Specialist Paediatrician will recommend transfer to the GP ADHD Shared Care Program for young people where this would be appropriate. This transfer will occur in partnership with a CAMHS Psychiatrist to provide the first transition psychiatry visit.  The GP ADHD Shared Care Program also supports the GP to apply for authority to take over the long-term management of the young person’s medication, in an ongoing partnership with the treating specialist.

GP’s registered for the ADHD Shared Care Program are also encouraged to provide shared care for patients of all ages with ADHD, in partnership with the patients treating private Paediatrician or Psychiatrist.

The GP ADHD Shared Care Program offers participating GPs a comprehensive range of resources and support from a network of experts in the field. This includes access to tailored ADHD management resources, such as guidelines and assessment tools, as well as the opportunity to consult and collaborate with specialists in ADHD diagnosis and treatment. The program provides ongoing support, keeping GPs informed about the latest research and advancements in ADHD care. By participating, GPs can enhance their knowledge, skills, and patient care through a shared care model that combines their specialised primary role with the expertise of the program’s network of specialists.

We are indebted to the founders of this Shared Care Program, to CAMHS and GP Partners Australia, for providing a rigorous developmental framework, to those GPs who have provided their perspective, representation or endorsement, and to all the supporting staff, in particular, Dr Michaela Baulderstone, Sharon Phillips and Leanne March, who have worked unsociable hours to ensure evidence and guideline readiness at each stage.

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