How to pass your GP Fellowship multiple choice exam (AKT or MCQ)

Are multiple choice tests easy? With no writing involved and the correct answer being written on the page in front of you some people might think so. But even multiple choice tests can prove challenging without proper preparation. So, as you study for your exam, you may want to consider the following. Multiple choice questions […]

GP Fellowship multiple choice exam Blog Feature

What to do the night before your fellowship exams 

It is important to understand that while you may focus on the night before the exam, or exam-day preparation, the overall exam experience is multi-faceted. There are three equally important supplementary “phases” surrounding the exam itself: the learning phase, the preparation phase, and the post-result phase (Raffety et al., 1997). So, while the focus is […]

Night before your fellowship exams Blog Feature

CCE preparation: Managing uncertainty in general practice

Traditional medical training emphasises a quest for certainty over uncertainty. So, rather than managing the difficult latter, we strive for the former through a process of elimination.  However, certainty isn’t always possible in clinical practice and learning to acknowledge and manage uncertainty as a registrar can help you develop an important key clinical skill. It […]

Why feedback can super-charge your CCE exam preparation

Constructive feedback is an important exam preparation tool for improving your Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) performance. Learn why, plus how to ensure you’re getting the right kind of feedback to make a difference. You are currently preparing to sit the RACGP Clinical Competency Exam (CCE). You are studying consistently and putting a lot of hours […]

The benefits of studying in a group for your GP Fellowship exams

If you prefer studying in a group, you’ve chosen one of the most effective methods of learning. Research has demonstrated that students learn at a deeper level when they communicate and engage with each other during the study process. Why? Because working collegially helps them to take ownership of the content they’re learning. One of […]

Eight Reasons You Need Coaching to Help with your Fellowship Exam Preparation

So, you’re preparing to sit your Fellowship exam(s). Have you considered if Fellowship exam coaching could help? You’ve likely been reading a lot about the exam(s) you are preparing for, what the expectations are from your College, and talking to colleagues about the details. There are so many aspects to Fellowship exam preparation that you […]

I’ve just sat my written exams – what do I do now?

You’ve done it – you’ve sat your RACGP written exam(s). Congratulations! Now what? You’re likely feeling relieved that the exams are over and hopefully confident that you’ve passed and that you can tick written exams off your to-do list and move on to thinking about the CCE or other bigger and brighter milestones in your […]

Manage exam-related anxiety during your fellowship exams with these 5 tips

You are preparing to sit a very important exam for your career. In fact, your whole career depends on you passing this (or these) exams. But when you think about the approaching exam you start to feel rising anxiety, coming up from your feet, like a wave that’s going to engulf you, pulling you down […]

Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

Have you started preparing for your Fellowship exams such as the RACGP AKT/KFP/CCE, ACRRM MCQ or another medical specialty? Many people put their lives on hold until they sit these important exams – and though it can be a challenge, it is usually time well spent. All will agree that they only want to have […]

First day of summer and optimism

The first day of Summer can bring a sense of optimism for many. In fact, these feelings of new beginnings that the start of summer brings has been written about by countless authors and poets over the centuries. It’s something about the warm sun and lightness after months of rain, clouds and storms that lifts […]