5 Key Takeaways from the RACGP 2024.1 Key Feature Exam Report 

The time between sitting the RACGP Fellowship exams and receiving your results can be an anxious time to wait. Did you pass? How do your results compare to those of your peers? If you passed, congratulations! You can look forward to the next stage of your journey in General Practice. If you did not pass […]

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Sleep as a strategy to improve Fellowship exam performance

Did you know that sleep is important for exam preparation? We all know how terrible we feel when we haven’t slept yet ironically, sleep is often a neglected component of exam preparation because people underestimate its importance. Human and animal studies show that both the quantity and quality of sleep have a profound impact on […]

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Is preparation for Fellowship exams leaving you feeling disorganised?

Fellowship exams are notoriously difficult and there are many reasons why candidates struggle to pass them.  For some, it may be a lack of exam preparation or failing to understand the particulars of the exam they are preparing for or often, having too many priorities so doing none well. However, for others, there may be […]

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Common phrases and terms in the KFP and CCE explained

What is often not realised by many candidates sitting GP exams, is that there are common phrases and terms used in Fellowship exams that have specific meanings, often called command or clue words.   Command or clue words (also known as instruction or directive words) tell you how to answer a specific exam question or […]

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Why Starting Early Matters: Exam Prep for RACGP KFP and CCE

It can be difficult to sit down and start studying, especially as most doctors already have a busy schedule. Fitting in study can feel like aiming for the impossible! So, it’s understandable that starting your exam preparation earlier than you may have planned seems unreasonable – many of you will be thinking why?  Here is […]

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Smart note taking for your exams

Most of us are visual learners and this means an efficient note-taking strategy is an invaluable contribution to success in your Fellowship exams.   The breadth and depth of content you’ll need to master in preparation for your exams requires that you find an effective method to encode and recall this information. Being a capable and […]

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Navigating to Success: The Impact of Our GP Exam Prep Courses

Our GP Fellowship exam preparation courses continue to make significant strides, with increasing adoption amongst GP registrars. These courses, rooted in targeted strategies and enriched with experienced Australian medical educators’ wisdom, have been pivotal in shaping registrars’ successful journeys toward their Fellowship examinations. For over twenty years, our commitment to high-quality, individualised education has laid a […]

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How to pass your GP Fellowship multiple choice exam (AKT or MCQ)

Are multiple choice tests easy? With no writing involved and the correct answer being written on the page in front of you some people might think so. But even multiple choice tests can prove challenging without proper preparation. So, as you study for your exam, you may want to consider the following. Multiple choice questions […]

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What to do the night before your fellowship exams 

It is important to understand that while you may focus on the night before the exam, or exam-day preparation, the overall exam experience is multi-faceted. There are three equally important supplementary “phases” surrounding the exam itself: the learning phase, the preparation phase, and the post-result phase (Raffety et al., 1997). So, while the focus is […]

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CCE preparation: Managing uncertainty in general practice

Traditional medical training emphasises a quest for certainty over uncertainty. So, rather than managing the difficult latter, we strive for the former through a process of elimination.  However, certainty isn’t always possible in clinical practice and learning to acknowledge and manage uncertainty as a registrar can help you develop an important key clinical skill. It […]