The South Australian GP ADHD Shared Care model is an exciting collaboration with CAMHS and GP Partners Australia, with the overarching goal of supporting GPs when caring for a young person who makes an informed choice to have care provided within a shared care arrangement. Shared care represents an opportunity to practice collaborative, holistic mental health care by combining the varied skills of GPs, psychiatrists, and paediatricians to the benefit of the community and mutual understanding between colleagues.

GP’s registered for the ADHD Shared Care Program will be encouraged to provide shared care for patients of all ages with ADHD, in partnership with the patients treating private paediatrician or psychiatrist.

A huge thank you to the 80 GPs who attended our ‘Introduction Session’ at Welland in June. As we work towards formally launching the Program, we are planning a webinar to be held on the 5 September. Registrations and further information will be released soon.

Stay informed and connected as we bring you updates on our GP ADHD Shared Care Program, keeping you in the loop with the latest developments.

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