Insights from market research by conducted by Kantar Public testify to the substantial impact of our educational efforts: GPs’ confidence in initiating bowel cancer screening conversations has climbed impressively from 25% to 83% after attending our webinars. This achievement mirrors the dedication and hard work that GPEx, in partnership with the Jodi Lee Foundation, has invested in improving early detection strategies for bowel cancer.

A Focused Approach to Fight Bowel Cancer

Our targeted two-year educational campaign zeroed in on bolstering the crucial role of primary healthcare professionals. As patients’ first point of contact, GPs and practice nurses are uniquely positioned to influence higher participation rates in the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP), particularly in rural and remote areas where current engagement is noticeably low. Increasing participation by 60% would save more than 80,000 lives by 2040.

Strengthening Support Through the NBCSP Learning Hub

To facilitate this, in 2023 GPEx developed the NBCSP Learning Hub, an innovative online resource platform. Designed with the bustling schedules of healthcare professionals in mind, the Learning Hub offers accessible, impactful content that has reached and impacted thousands of primary care professionals with efficient and evidence-based education.

Observable Shifts in Healthcare Practices

Our collaborative efforts have increased proactive discussions about the NBCSP among healthcare professionals. There has also been a shift in the behavioural intent of healthcare providers, with more of them now prioritising early screening conversations.

Renewed Dedication to Educational Outreach

As we press on, GPEx is committed to nurturing these positive trends, particularly by expanding educational outreach to more isolated areas, ensuring that all communities have access to vital early detection information.

We encourage healthcare professionals and community members to explore the NBCSP Learning Hub to see firsthand the difference education and support can make in the fight against bowel cancer.

To learn more and become a part of this critical health mission, explore the Learning Hub below and join us in making a difference in national bowel cancer prevention.