Exam season is fast approaching, and many candidates are starting to think about putting themselves in the best possible position for passing the RACGP’s Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) or ACRRM’s MCQ Exam. With so many different options on the market, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best course for you that will maximise your exam success.

Here are four things to consider when selecting an AKT/MCQ preparation course:

1. What is your price point?

It’s no secret that the College exams are a large (but necessary) expense for exam candidates if they want to achieve Fellowship. Candidates are often faced with the important decision about how much they are then willing to invest in exam preparation courses. With many different courses on the market, you want to find one at the right price point for you.

If you are an RACGP candidate, consider whether you need support for both the AKT and KFP or whether you feel that you only need support for one type of exam.

GPEx is currently the only provider of exam preparation which offers a standalone AKT/MCQ course, making this an affordable option for candidates wanting only AKT/MCQ support.

2. What are you getting for your investment?

It is important that you consider value for money. Remember, it’s not just about the sheer quantity of practice questions; quality is even more important. Unlike multiple choice exams that you would have sat in your undergraduate degree, the RACGP’s AKT exam and ACRRM’s MCQ exam assesses more than just a simple recall of facts. Questions often involve a two-step process of clinical reasoning and applying knowledge, tailored to the case.

The AKT/MCQ-style questions in GPEx’s Dr MCQ program are aligned around the style of exam questions and utilises Australian data and resources. Regular question bank reviews are conducted by our expert Medical Educators to ensure that questions are up-to-date and based on the most recent guidelines. 

3. Is the course going to help you with your time management?

The AKT/MCQ is an exam of both clinical reasoning and speed. Managing your time during the exam will ensure that you complete all the questions within the allocated time, ideally with some time left over to review any challenging questions. Exam preparation courses which provide timed mock exams will allow you to refine your time management skills. GPEx’s Dr MCQ program provides candidates with the following for each of their exam preparation packages:

  • Three 60 question timed mock exams;
  • One full-length timed mock exam (150 questions); and
  • Customisable quiz builder, with the options of this being timed and being able to switch to only seeing ACRRM style questions.

4. Does the course offer personalised support?

Consider whether courses that offer a “cookie-cutter” style approach to exam preparation are suitable for you, or whether you prefer a more personalised approach. To really nail the AKT/MCQ, you need to reflect on your areas of weakness – this could include identifying which body systems or patient presentations you are least familiar with, based on your own practice exposure and knowledge.

GPEx’s Dr MCQ course provides candidates with the Knowledge Self Assessment, allowing candidates to identify their knowledge gaps to hone their learning. Dr MCQ offers candidates the option to create custom quizzes according to these learning needs or knowledge gaps. For example, candidates who feel that Aged Care is a significant knowledge gap can create a timed or untimed quiz with questions on Aged Care only.

However, improving your knowledge about general practice is only one part of exam preparation. Learning more effective study techniques, managing procrastination and reducing anxiety in the lead-up to the exam is also crucial to the success of many candidates. GPEx has addressed this issue by offering individualised Fellowship Exam Performance Coaching to exam candidates. Success sometimes comes from learning smarter, not harder.

If you’re still not sure which exam preparation course is the right one for you, please feel free to contact the GPEx Team on 08 8490 0400 for a free consultation. We’re here to help, because your exam success is our goal!

From everyone at GPEx, we wish you all the very best in your AKT/MCQ preparation!