As the year draws to a close, the spotlight turns to a pressing issue within the medical community: burnout amongst general practitioners (GPs). According to the latest RACGP report, Health of the Nation, an alarming 71% of GPs experienced feelings of burnout in 2023. This statistic is a clarion call for action and self-care amongst these critical healthcare providers. 

The challenges are even more pronounced for GPs who own practices, with two in five reporting experiences of burnout in the last year alone. Considering that 23% of GPs are practice owners, this indicates a significant impact on those leading our primary care services. Additionally, with more than 90% of practices employing practice nurses, the ripple effect of GP burnout can have far-reaching implications within our healthcare workforce. 

Managing their workload has been identified as the most pressing challenge by more than half of all GPs—highlighting a need for effective workload management to prevent the consequences of chronic stress and fatigue. 

Beating Burnout with a Personal Touch 

At GPEx, we understand the intricate challenges faced by GPs and have designed a tailored solution – the ‘Beating Burnout’ course. This program isn’t just about coping strategies; it’s about revolutionising how you approach your work and wellbeing. It’s for those who feel the weight of burnout and don’t know where to turn, for those who have tried to prioritise their wellbeing to no avail, and for those who struggle to create sustainable change despite knowing what needs to be done. 

Our coaching course is more than just an intervention—it’s a transformative process guided by one-on-one coaching. After completing the online course component, strategies to manage burnout and promote wellbeing, you’ll engage in two intensive 30-minute sessions with a dedicated Beating Burnout Coach to delve into your wellbeing goals. These sessions are designed to craft and refine strategies, ensuring they align with your individual needs and professional context.  

The Science Behind Our Strategy 

GPEx’s ‘Beating Burnout’ embodies a confluence of motivational and behavioural change theories tailored for GPs. Our approach synthesises aspects of motivational interviewing, self-determination theory, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Theory), mindfulness practices, and neuroscience insights. This robust framework empowers GPs to navigate the complexities of their roles, promoting resilience and a proactive stance on mental health. 

As GPs and practice owners grapple with their pivotal roles, we invite you to explore how the ‘Beating Burnout’ course can recalibrate your professional journey. Your commitment to caring for others deserves an equal commitment to your personal wellbeing. 

Let this World Mental Health Week be the turning point in your journey towards a balanced, fulfilling career. Reach out to GPEx, and together, let’s chart a course to a sustainable and empowering future—one where burnout is not an inevitable occupational hazard but a challenge that can be overcome with the right tools and support. 

Discover how our ‘Beating Burnout’ course can help cultivate a healthier work-life balance by clicking here or contacting our team at GPEx